Harz/LTW: Enhancing Wood

HARZ/Ltw (Liquid Treatment for Wood) is our technology developed to enhance wood. By applying a resin formula, a protective layer is created to  improve the durability of the material.

Wood veneer is our core material for building light fixtures. It adds a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, and with its thinness it allows the light to pass through warmly and softly.

However, working with thin veneers can affect durability and design possibilities. At Traum we want to offer you the best quality with the finest design. That's why we created HARZ/Ltw.


  • Heat Resistance. This allows safe exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) and high voltage bulbs.
  • Resistance to humidity: your light fixture will stay dry and in perfect condition, even in a spa or bathroom.
  • Easy maintenance: use a damp cloth to remove dust whenever you want. No need to polish, barnish or wax.
  • Flexibility: allows us to make curved designs without cracking and a safer transportation to ship products around the world.

All products come with the HARZ/Ltw ready.